American Made Socks by Sock Club

Dear Sock Lover,

Happy October, Sock Club!

As the leaves change and we begin to settle into colder weather, socks become an ever-more vital part of our daily wardrobe. This month's offering, The Homesteader, is our perfectly cozy autumnal companion. This sock gives you a little bit of everything: harvest colors to compliment the season with an enthusiastic mix of patterns to compliment your style.

Socktober is a very special month for sock lovers, as it is an opportunity to give back and share some warmth. Please consider taking time this month to start a sock drive, or collecting other cool-weather essentials to donate to groups who support the homeless in your community. To find a local shelter within the United States that could use your help, visit:

The Sock Club team will be doing its part as well - we will be donating a portion of every new October subscription to local charities in the Austin area. So spread the word, and help provide socks to friends and loved ones, as well as those in need.

As always, we would love to see your photos and comments about the socks! Please visit our Facebook page and share it with all your friends and family (many of whom made this delivery possible for you).

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American Made Socks by Sock Club American Made Socks by Sock Club

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