American Made Socks by Sock Club

Dear Sock Lover,

We are delighted to be delivering you the November Diamond Stripe, the first ever sock exclusively designed and produced by Sock Club.

November, and especially, Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to focus on food ... and family. A time for reflection on our history and traditions. In our journey to create our Sock Club brand socks, we've learned a lot about the rich history of textiles in our country. We traveled to many southern states up and down the Appalachians, learning the process of making socks and meeting the people who make them. Unfortunately, the industry is hurting, decimated over the past forty years as manufacturing has moved overseas. However, you and Sock Club are paving the way for a new page in our history: we are making fun, affordable, great socks right here in the United States.

Sock Club brand socks are completely American made. They are knitted in a second generation family-run mill in North Carolina. The cotton and nylon are dyed and procured in North Carolina. The socks are finished and packaged in, guess where (...North Carolina). Together we are supporting US manufacturing, one of the industries that helped build our country.

As always, we would love to see your photos and comments about the socks! Please visit our Facebook page and share it with all your friends and family (many of whom made this delivery possible for you).

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American Made Socks by Sock Club American Made Socks by Sock Club

The Sock Club Guys

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