American Made Socks by Sock Club

Dear Sock Lover,

For some, March is a boring month between the chills of February and the bloom of April. Here at the Sock Club, we have a special place in our hearts for March. It's time for us to watch men who are much taller and much younger than us put a ball through a hoop. Time to ruin friendships with those unfortunate souls who happen to be affiliated with [insert university name here]. It's March Madness.

We can't wait for the excitement of dunk shots and buzz beaters. And to recreate that excitement on our neighborhood courts. To celebrate, this month we're featuring our first athletic socks. We bring you: Argyle Socks from SwiftWick, originally developed for players in the Ryder Cup, America's yearly not-so-friendly golf match with Europe.

We cannot promise that these socks will help you jump like Mike or swing like Bubba. It hasn't worked for us. Yet. We can promise that you will enjoy one of the most popular custom designs that SwiftWick has developed. As SwiftWick likes to say, "This sock is excellent for both athletic and casual wear and comes in a FIVE inch cuff that has proven to be very popular for many sports."

As always, we would love to see your photos and comments about the socks! Please visit our Facebook page and share it with all your friends and family (many of whom made this delivery possible for you).

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American Made Socks by Sock Club American Made Socks by Sock Club

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