American Made Socks by Sock Club

Dear Sock Lover,

The Sock Club board members are enjoying the X games right now. Seriously, we are watching them as we write this. Still. And now. Wipeout. Guy's a professional can't even land an 80 feet 360 Japan flip backwards. If you happen to be participating in the winter X games we firmly request that you wear our socks on TV. Actually, now that we think of it, we've been meaning to ask you: if you're ever on TV wear our socks. Also, congrats for being on TV.

Here in Austin, we wouldn't know but we hear it's cold in other parts of North America. We see there is snow at the X games. We've taken it upon ourselves to keep your feet warm. That's why this February we're delivering you wool winter socks from the Swedish company Tretorn. These are the first wool socks we've run, and the pattern is sure to impress at your local ski lodge. We love them, and we hope you will enjoy them too.

As always, we would love to see your photos and comments about the socks! Please visit our Facebook page and share it with all your friends and family (many of whom made this delivery possible for you).

If you have any questions email us at


American Made Socks by Sock Club American Made Socks by Sock Club

The Sock Club Guys

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